Become a Serve Legal Auditor 

We are looking for individuals who are... 
16 to 19 for age-related testing 
20+ for wider compliance audits 
Dedicated and reliable 
Wanting to explore their local area 

What you need in order to apply... 

A photo of your primary form of ID 
Evidence of Right To Work - this could be a UK or Irish passport or birth certificate, plus visa/settled status details required for the country you are applying from 
A recent, date-stamped selfie (so we know you look young enough for our age-verification work) 
A smartphone (so you can download our app) 
To be willing to geotag your location whilst out doing audits (so we know you went to the right place!) 
Why work for us? 
Interesting work, helping keep your communities safe 
Develop your confidence, independence and transferable skills 
Flexible - work around your schedule/lifestyle 
Great rate of pay (plus travel expenses covered) - paid fortnightly 
We are accredited as a Youth Friendly Employer and are a member of the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Professionals Association) 
Our Glassdoor rating is 4.4 out of 5! Click here to see our reviews 
The Role 
We are recruiting compliance auditors to perform audits to a range of sites. These audits can be to supermarkets, bars and betting shops and the Serve Legal employee is required to visit these sites and then report back on a specific compliance issue. 
This is a part-time, flexible role, which is ideal to fit in and around other work or studies. Jobs are allocated and paid on a per audit basis. Auditors are offered work and it is expected that they will let their Area Manager know if they are not available for work. There is no obligation to complete work every week, but once work is accepted, it is expected that it will be completed by the deadline given. 
Talented Serve Legal auditors have gone on to management positions within the organisation. Some are employed to accompany new auditors while training. Others start or continue in Further or Higher Education, and many go on to pursue successful careers elsewhere. Serve Legal's growth into wider non-age-related services means we can now extend opportunities for older auditors and provide a longer career progression path. 

Having trouble with the application? 

Sorry to hear that! Please leave your details below so that a member of the team can help. 

Interested, but not able to sign up just yet?  

Not a problem! Just fill out this form and we'll come back to you in a few week's time, By including your age group & postcode, we can let you know only about specific work you can help out with. 

AUDITOR HALL OF FAME  We love to celebrate the achievements of our auditor community, here are some of our most successful auditors from over the years! 

Dave Sharples 
Having started in February 2015, Dave completed over 500 age-restricted audits being known for his good communication and reliability. This is an impressive amount alone, but what really stands out is the 1700+ audits that he did since turning 20! Within this time he joined as an Assistant Coordinator and rose up the ranks to Weekend Supervisor, before joining as a full-time Area Manager once he neared the end of his degree. He continues to do non-age-restricted auditing work now on top of his full-time responsibilities to help out colleagues, epitomising Serve Legal values, as demonstrated by having won Employee of the Quarter in both his internal roles. 
Andrew Monument 
Andrew joined us in August 2018 where he quickly established himself as the King of the East! He would travel anywhere when asked to do so and despite often spending longs days out and about, would always complete work enthusiastically. He started a university course when he was 19 but managed his time exceptionally well to ensure he could still balance work around this. He managed to hit 2400 Serve Legal audits before his 20th birthday and has nearly completed a further 1,000 non-age-restricted audits since, whilst also referring new auditors to join. This tenacity and willingness to help led Andrew into the Assistant Coordinator team, where he displayed a keen eye for detail and supported his colleagues  
Shaun Beardmore 
Shaun was the winner of the Media Compliance Auditor of the Year in 2019 and has continued to be a delight to work with in the Staffordshire area, consistently clearing up any audits in this area. He's completed over 1500 non-age restricted audits for the company, including completing numerous trial audits for prospective clients, providing detailed feedback and insight on how to move forward on these. Shaun is a beacon for consistency and will always get planning forms and reports sent on time and to a high standard.  
Vinh Banh  
Everybody at Serve Legal knows about the legend that is Vinh Banh! He has now completed in excess of 5,600 audits at Serve Legal which is almost double 2nd place. He travels far and wide for non-age-restricted work - from the Pembrokeshire coast across into Essex in 2020 alone! He's a genuine, personable guy who is easy to get along with and always goes out of his way to help us complete audits to a high standard, knowing our procedures better than we do sometimes!  
Gabz Lowe 
Gabz was willing to travel anywhere in NI and the North of ROI. She then moved to Manchester for university, and after a few months she decided to travel home pick up the car and drive her car to university as she felt there were more audits available. She was soon picking up audits all over the North West of England, completing 1088 age restricted audits during her time as an auditor! Gabz soon took on a role as an Assistant Coordinator, during this time, she would approve reports, support with holiday cover and other admin tasks. One time she was completing a busy weekend shift while travelling to the Isle of Man for an audit due that day - which she somehow managed to pull off! Gabz then joined the team as a part time AM in Ireland while finishing off her Degree and did a fantastic job with the patch just as she did her audits. Once Gabz finished university, she left Serve Legal for a job in her true passion of football. 
Elliot Brown 
Elliot joined Serve Legal in August 2017 and it wasn’t long before he’d made it round pretty much every part of the North East & West, and even took on occasional trips into Scotland! What really set Elliot apart though was the hard work he was willing to put in, not just to his planning and reports, but by picking up extra audits on detours from his main route when deadlines were approaching. On one memorable occasion, despite being very busy, he offered to fit in some audits that urgently needed doing and even helped plan a route for the ones he couldn’t fit in, to make it easier for another auditor to complete them. He encapsulated Serve Legal values and we are very grateful for his hard work. 
Alex Blackwell 
Alex was a supreme auditor for us, completing 1376 age restricted audits and then going on to do a further 1630 non-age restricted ones! One memorable time he took on an audit with time-restrictions of 6am to midnight, but managed to get this the wrong way round and visited in the early hours – he redeemed himself by going again the following day even though it was an hour away! Alex would often travel last-minute to difficult areas to help out the Serve Legal team and was known for his politeness & friendliness with the Serve Legal team. This gave Alex a stellar reputation, which helped him rise up the Serve Legal ranks to become an Area Manager in July 2019. 
Victor Galton 
From the moment he started with Serve Legal back in March 2017, it was clear that Victor had the potential to be a 'super visitor' and he didn't disappoint. Victor has been to every part of London, completing visits for us with professionalism and reliability second to none. Before turning 20, he clocked off 2800+ visits, including a trip to Gibraltar! Victor has now worked on our weekend approving team for over 2 years alongside his degree and gets very involved in our non-age restricted work too. 
Emily Darroch 
Emily has been working with Serve Legal since 2014 and it became clear early on in her Serve Legal career that she was going to be a star! She was an excellent visitor and showed so much potential that she was offered an Assistant Coordinator position in 2015; a role in which she excelled and was promoted to Weekend Supervisor! She has since embarked on exciting travels since finishing university, but each time she’s come we have managed to find a place for her back in the team as she’s so willing, just like when she was an auditor, to get stuck into anything sent her way! 
Dan Hazell 
Dan joined in July 2016, and found he could carry out work all over Scotland at weekends when he would be travelling to see his beloved Inverness Caledonian Thistle playing away. He even got to Orkney, Stornoway and Shetland - he would drive, take a bus, hop on trains, go on a ferry and even the occasional flight for the work available! After demonstrating our key values as an auditor, Dan then joined as a part time Assistant Coordinator, and became a full time Trainee Area Manager before he turned 20! Whilst in London for training/meetings, he would spend some evenings still completing audits (giving away the alcohol as he wouldn’t be able to take it on the flight home!). He decided in September 2020 to go to university, and still does AC and non-age-restricted work. 
Adam Baldwin 
Adam joined Serve Legal to get involved in non-age-restricted media compliance work, and he made quite the contribution - travelling astounding distances to complete a total of 3422 audits! He was faultlessly reliable, willingly battling the elements to get through work that he’d agreed to do: on one memorable occasion, Adam completed 2 sets of audits in the Lake District during heavy snowfall! It was famously predicted that Adam would travel to the moon if we had audits there... watch this space! 
Frankie Phillips 
Frankie started in September 2015, and within 15 months completed 1500 age-restricted audits, despite being allergic to alcohol so not even getting to make use of the purchases! She said how much she enjoyed doing the work and the benefits it brought to her confidence, independence & organisation. She joined the Assistant Coordinator team and went on to join as a full-time Area Manager. She has since gone on to pursue a career in IT. 
Alex Brown 
Alex joined in April 2013 and quickly established himself within the Serve Legal community, clocking up over 500 age-restricted audits using bicycle power! Alex's tenacity and commitment saw him travel to many different towns and cities across the UK, having gone on to carry out more than 400 non-age-restricted audits too. He joined as an Assistant Coordinator and joined full time as an Area Manager after finishing at uni. 
Sheri Payne 
Sheri's proximity to London coupled with her flexibility and youthful looks means that she has completed more tests than any other auditor in Serve Legal history. She registered with us the day after her 18th birthday and continued through to 20, during which time she completed over 3000 audits. A total legend. Sheri now works as a receptionist for a car rental company. 
Joe Kelly 
Joe began performing audits in the Liverpool area in 2012 and continued in East Anglia while studying for his degree in International Relations. Joe became known within the company for writing the most detailed site descriptions in Serve Legal history, but also because of his fantastic 'Can-Do' attitude. On graduating from UEA in 2015, Joe started working full-time for the company and eventually worked as a Media Compliance Manager. He has since pursued a career in accountancy. 
Mark Pimblett 
Mark signed up as an auditor during his first year at university at Aberystwyth and was disappointed that there weren't enough tests easily accessible to him in this area of rural Wales. Undeterred, Mark took any audits offered by his Area Manager and during the course of the next two years became one of our most well-travelled auditors ever, travelling throughout the west performing ID tests and media compliance audits. Mark worked his way through the ranks and went on to work for us as a Weekend Approver, Weekend Supervisor, Deputy Area Manager and an Area Manager before pursuing a career in accountancy. 
Kristina Lee 
Serve Legal have employed many incredible young adults, but no-one has yet surpassed Kristina in terms of positivity and sheer cheerfulness. Kristina travelled the length and breadth of the country from Somerset to Scotland doing audits, and afterwards was employed part-time to recruit for late night bar audits where she very successfully used that positive attitude to persuade other auditors to go out late at night and work! Kristina now works for one of the Big 4 banks 
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