Blog Archive: October 2019

Serve Legal's Bookmaker Client Forum

Yesterday, we welcomed bookmakers from across the UK to the Serve Legal Bookmakers’ Forum at the Association of British Bookmakers’ London headquarters. We’ve been working with the gambling industry for ten years, supporting bookmaker compliance with legal and license obligations and helping them enforce responsible gambling policies. Our Forum provides a great opportunity to share market insight, discuss industry challenges and opportunities and find new ways to help and support our bookmaker clients.

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Customer Experience Allergen Audits have launched!

If you’re a food allergy sufferer, the chances are that eating out can be a far from positive experience. Nearly half (47%) of 2,500 young allergy sufferers (who are at greatest risk of severe consequences from allergen ingestion) surveyed by the FSA last year said they had little or no confidence that food businesses can provide correct information about allergens in the food they serve. Six in ten said they had avoided eating out in the previous six months because of their condition.

When eating out is a matter of life and death, allergy sufferers should be able to have complete faith in the information provided by staff about the food they serve. Launching today is a new tool to help food business operators monitor and improve the experience of customers with allergies.

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