Celebrating 18 Years: A Unique Opportunity for 18-19 Year Olds

Turning 18 this summer? So we are! 

As Serve Legal celebrates its 18th birthday, it’s fitting to highlight a unique aspect of the company: offering age-restricted mystery shopping visits to 18-19-year-olds. Serve Legal is not only a leader in compliance auditing but  has also provided work to over 40,000 young adults; offering valuable work experience in a flexible and engaging way.TikTok

Introducing Serve Legal

Serve Legal specialises in conducting compliance audits for businesses, across a multitude of sectors and industries, ensuring they demonstrate their due diligence. A large proprtion of this work includes age-restricted product regulation checks. This includes everything from alcohol and gambling audits to home delivery checks. By working with young people, Serve Legal are able to provide a unique 'stress test' for businesses to ensure their cooperation with age verification policies.

Opportunities for 18-19 Year Olds

For 18-19-year-olds, Serve Legal offers a perfect blend of work and flexibility. Here’s why it’s an ideal job for university students and young adults:

  • Flexibility: Work schedules can be tailored to fit around studying and other commitments, allowing you to earn money without compromising your education or social life.

  • Competitive Pay: With competitive rates of pay, it’s a great way to boost your income and get some freebies on your audits.

  • Expense Coverage: Mileage and public transport expenses are covered, so you won’t be out of pocket when traveling for assignments.

  • Diverse Audits: Participate in a variety of audits, including supermarket, bar and pub, restuarant, home delivery, betting and race course audits. This diversity keeps the job interesting and provides broad experience.

  • Easy Entry: All you need to get started is a form of ID and your National Insurance number or right to work documents.

Why It’s Great for University Students

University students can particularly benefit from working with Serve Legal. The job offers a way to explore new areas, gain insights into different businesses, and develop useful skills. One student shared, “Serve Legal is great for Uni students who are moving to a new area; it’s a great way to get around and get to know a place better.” Another student noted, “The role is flexible and the work is easy—ideal for a university student.”

A Range of Audits

Serve Legal conducts a wide range of audits, each offering different experiences:

  • Gambling Audits: Ensure compliance with age restrictions in betting shops, race courses and casinos.

  • Home Deliveries: Verify age checks during the delivery of age-restricted products.

  • Alcohol Audits: Check that retail outlets are correctly verifying ages for alcohol purchases.

As Serve Legal marks its 18th birthday, it continues to provide valuable work opportunities for young adults. For 18-19-year-olds, especially university students, working as a mystery shopper offers flexibility, good pay, and the chance to gain diverse experience. Explore the opportunities at Serve Legal and become part of a company that not only ensures compliance but also invests in the future of its young workforce.