Our Story

Founded out of necessity, Serve Legal emerged when co-founders Ed and Julian faced challenges with compliance and regulation. Frustrated by the lack of cost-effective solutions in the market, they took matters into their own hands to ensure their business stayed afloat.

Since its inception, Serve Legal has evolved into the premier provider of compliance auditing services in the UK & Ireland. Conducting over 200,000 audits annually, we deliver unparalleled service to clients in the retail & hospitality sectors. 

Meet The Team Leading Our Mission

Meet the Senior Management Team and our CEO - five key leaders who continue to steer our dedicated team.

Jenni Garratt

Sales and Marketing Director

Seth Uden

Operations Director

Ela Rygala

Finance Manager

Matthew Houliston

Systems and Data Manager

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Meet Our Team

Discover the faces behind Serve Legal's success – our internal team of passionate professionals who drive innovation, foster client relationships, and ensure operational excellence.

From our visionary leaders shaping strategic direction to our dedicated support staff keeping everything running smoothly, each member plays a vital role in our commitment to integrity and service excellence.

Get to know the individuals who bring expertise, dedication, and a collaborative spirit to everything we do at Serve Legal.

Our Awards

Don't just take our word for it, see the awards that back up our claims of excellence. 

  • The Golden Grocer Awards 2022 Finalist: Business Initiative of the Year
  • Growing Business Awards Winner 2022: B2B Business of the Year
  • Business Champion Awards 2022 FInalist: Business Community Award
  • Growing Business Awards Winner 2023: Customer Experience and Loyalty Award