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We use Serve Legal regularly to carry out tests on our compliance with age restricted sales. This includes tobacco and the recently introduced tobacco display ban. They deliver a reliable and efficient service within agreed deadlines and with very few data errors. They are able to swiftly provide accurate analysis of our data which helps with our training and future testing programs.

Leading UK Supermarket Retailer

We have worked with Serve Legal since 2014 and they have significantly helped us to combat illegal broadcasting in the UK and Ireland. Their knowledge, expertise and robust auditing in conjunction with the prompt supply of infringement data has generated over 8,000 leads; which has led to valuable leads for our sales force and investigation team to defend our investment in exclusive sports content. Serve Legal have consistently delivered against agreed KPIs.

Leading UK Sports Broadcaster

We have worked with Serve Legal since 2009 and they have helped us to significantly reduce our risk with age-restricted sales. They have played a key role in monitoring our risk across a range of age-restricted products. Their knowledge, speed of service and flexible data provision helps us to sharpen our training and inform our future approach to compliance.

Large National Supermarket Chain

The Serve Legal information is extremely useful, informative and well presented. The issues with sites not using ‘Challenge 25’ can now be dealt with the backing of evidence of where they’re failing. I am most pleased with how the surveys are being conducted and appreciate the detailed information provided.

Leading Forecourt Dealer

Using an independent test purchase service such as Serve Legal demonstrates to the local authorities that I am taking the issue of underage sales seriously. The due diligence provided is invaluable and has played an important role in defending my license in a recent licensing hearing.

Leading Convenience Retailer

We have worked with Serve Legal since 2008. The visit reports are always delivered in an accurate and timely manner. The accuracy and consistency of the information provided has allowed us to identify training needs, target resource, protect our business and improve our compliance. I would have no hesitation in recommending Serve Legal to others.

National Supermarket Client

We use Serve Legal monthly to conduct test purchases of alcohol, in order to monitor our adherence to our Challenge 25 policy. This is also extended to campaigns of test purchasing on other age-restricted products. The professionalism and flexibility they offer has assisted us in improving our compliance levels, and where required, using targeted activity. The online portal provides easy to read data in a timely fashion for reporting.

Leading Forecourt

We have worked with Serve Legal since 2009 and they have helped us to significantly reduce our risk with age restricted sales. They have played a key role in monitoring our risk across a wide range of age restricted products. Their knowledge, speed of service and flexible data provision helps us to sharpen our training and inform our future approach to compliance.

Leading National Supermarket Client

Serve Legal was appointed by my company in order that we gain valued feedback from a licensing perspective. The relationship between Serve legal and my business is friendly, professional and feels personal. The feedback we have gained is invaluable to our operation, we have been able to use the data to make changes in our business to ensure a risk free operation. I would highly recommend.

Hollywood Bowl Group

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About Us

In early 2006, Ed Heaver and Julian Sargeson were alcohol retailers with a problem. The local authority had decided one of their sites was consistently serving underage people.

Wave after wave of local authority 'stings' resulted in them losing a licence. A conservative estimate put their loss of sales at £25,000 per week.

Unfortunately, Ed and Julian had no way of fighting back. They wanted to check their staff, measure the site performance and demonstrate to the authority they were taking the issue seriously. They couldn't find a company providing a cost-effective service, so they decided to do it themselves.

About Us


Common Questions about Serve Legal

Q: What does the test purchasing process involve?
A: The process involves Serve Legal's 18/19-year-old auditors attempting to buy age-restricted products and noting whether or not they are asked for ID. They then provide a report with the results and details of the purchase attempt.

Q: How long does it take to receive the results of the audit and how are they reported?
A: Within 24 hours of visiting a site, the auditor completes their report. Within 48 hours, the report is thoroughly checked and sent automatically to the named client contact(s).

Q: What are the consequences of failing an age verification test purchase?
A: There are no official consequences as the auditor will be over 18, however businesses can set their own internal consequences for staff. Serve Legal audits are designed to help prevent businesses from failing an audit from Trading Standards. The ramifications of a Trading Standards fail can be prosecution, fines, or a review of a bussiness’s license to sell age-restricted products, all of which can have long-term impacts on your reputation and ability to operate.

Q: How frequently should I conduct age verification test purchases for my business?
A: The frequency of audits may depend on various factors, such as the type of products sold and the business's past performance in age verification. We recommend that businesses conduct regular age verification tests, with the frequency determined by the individual business's risk assessment and compliance requirements.

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