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Serve Legal is the market leading provider of ID checks and compliance testing services in the UK & Ireland. We provide extensive, independent age verification audit services to national retailers, leisure operators and sports broadcasters. Our highly accurate site test audits help clients protect revenues, improve operational standards and support responsible retailing.

We employ 18 and 19 year old mystery shoppers ('auditors') for age-related testing services, and older auditors for wider retail audit work. All enjoy a flexible role and get paid to explore their local area. In return, we expect a great eye for detail and excellent reporting and communication skills.

You Can Trust Our Offering

Retailers with elligible programmes can rest assured with the benefits of the Serve Legal Guarantee:

  • 99% Programme Delivery: Timely execution is our priority.
  • 48-Hour Turnaround: Swift service from audit to report.
  • 99% Data Accuracy: Trust in our precise reporting.
  • Prompt Query Resolution: Putting your satisfaction first.
  • Data Security: Confidentiality and anonymity ensured.
  • Dedicated Account Support: Personalised support.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Eco-friendly practices in place.

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Start operating confidently when it comes to age-restricted products

(Looking to work for us as one of our mystery shoppers? CLICK HERE!)