Auditor Satisfaction Survey - April 2024

Each year we conduct auditor satisfaction survey to ensure that we are providing an inclusive, enjoyable and fair working environment for our 4,000 auditors; taking on board any feedback to improve the work we offer. We were thrilled to hear that our auditors rated the enjoyment of their role as 4.12/5 stars.

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Hear what our Auditors enjoy the most about their role:

Flexibility - Lots of auditors mentioned, that they enjoy the flexibility in their auditor role as we make active efforts to customise the timing and duration of their audits to ensure it suits their personal schedules. As many of our auditors work other jobs or go to university, it’s important they can fit their auditing around their everyday life and other commitments.

“Serve legal is a great side gig for those that are looking to make some extra cash when you’re available. Days aren’t set so you can work around your own schedule.”

Free Items - Most of our audits require the purchase of at least one item; items purchased are kept by the auditor. A number of our respondents outlined this as a significant benefit of auditing with Serve Legal, as they were gievn free food shops, day trips and takeaways - sometimes more than they knew what to do with! This led onto some great initiatives with auditors donating batches of food to local foodbanks.

“I had so many audits I honestly never had to buy my own food, it was an enormous saving.

Exploring New Places - As we conduct audits all over the UK and Ireland, auditors are given the opportunity to travel beyond their local area to complete audits with all travel expenses paid for. This gives our auditors chance to explore the new areas they’ve travelled to whilst earning money.

“Serve Legal is great for Uni students who are moving to a new area; great way to get around and get to know a place better.

Working as a Student - With a large quantity of the work we offer being for 18-19 year olds, a significant proportion of our auditors are college and university students. As students have changing schedules and other commitments, they can fit audits around their lives. Auditors are also offered visits at their university and home locations, so they can complete audits in either area. For what some may consider to be a 'sidehustle' we are proud to have offered a reliable yet flexible working opportunity which gives auditors the chance to grow their working experience, develop their CV and progress into career level jobs with Serve Legal.

“The role is flexible and work is easy- ideal for a university student.

Quick Pay - To ensure each and every auditor is paid fairly and legally, our auditors are paid on a 'pay by audit' basis in line with national living wage. Our auditors are also paid every two weeks to ensure that they have the funds to continue working and travelling comfortably. We also offer holiday pay to our auditors to ensure they are fairly compensated for the work they complete across their time with us.

“For the work that is involved the pay rate is very good.”

We were incredibly pleased with the feedback we received from our 2024 auditor satisfaction survey - once again highlighting Serve Legal as a Youth Friendly Employer and auditor approved company! We will continue to listen to the voices of our auditors to ensure the work we offer continues to be convenient, enjoyable and beneficial for their working and personal lives.