Youth Voice Census 2024

Our auditor community are at the heart of Serve Legal, with over 4,000 young people aged between 16-24 completing work for us every year. At Serve Legal, we are proud to announce our ongoing support for youth wellbeing as verified Youth Friendly Employers. With the release of the Youth Voice Census 2024 by Youth Employment UK, we want to reaffirm our aims of sustaining supportive working environments for young people both in Serve Legal and the wider working world. We believe that by creating supportive and empowering environments, we can contribute to the success and wellbeing of the next generation.

Untitled - 2024-03-13T105228.615The Youth Voice Census offers valuable insights into the experiences and perspectives of young individuals in the workforce. As advocates for youth empowerment and development, Serve Legal recognises the importance of listening to the voices of young people and acting upon their feedback. We want to use this opportunity to encourage as many of our young people as possible to complete this census.

For more information on the Youth Voice Census 2024, visit the link: Youth Voice Census 2024 #AddYourVoice