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Allergen-related deaths in recent years have brought about a definitive and legislative need for the food service industry to implement rigorous procedures around allergens. Until now, little attention has been paid to the customer experience of allergy sufferers when eating out or buying food-to-go. 
Specifically designed to flex and accommodate the different environments of the food-to-go and hospitality/food service industry, the audit involves young Serve Legal auditors going to in-store cafes, restaurant chains, pubs and food-to-go establishments posing as allergy sufferers (some are genuine sufferers). Their age is significant as young people are at greatest risk of severe consequences from allergen ingestion. 
Auditors ask pertinent questions about: 
• food preparation 
• menu ingredients 
• and will order and eat a meal or food-to-go item. 
They observe: 
• hygiene ratings 
• the display of allergen information 
• table/seating cleaning practices 
• and record details of their experience throughout. 
Reports are shared with clients within 48 hours of audit. Findings are used by operators to review customer service and to improve staff training, allergen labelling, communication and operational performance around allergens. 
To find out more about the how Serve Legal can help and support your business, contact: Jenni Garratt, Sales & Client Manager for Serve Legal on 07483002146 or by email to jennigarratt@servelegal.co.uk 
Our ID test auditors are all young-looking 18 or 19 year olds. They should be asked to provide ID to complete the transaction - particularly if you operate a Think 21 / Think 25 policy. Auditors only use passports, photocard driving licences or other PASS accredited IDs.  
If our auditor is required to provide official ID to complete the transaction, the site PASSES 
If they purchase the items without showing ID, the site FAILS. 
Speed of reporting is essential. Within 24 hours of the audit, the auditor completes their report. Within 48 hours, the report is checked and sent to the named client contact.  
4 good reasons why it pays to use our independent test purchase service: 
1. Demonstrates to the authorities that you take underage sales seriously and are being proactive. 
2. Random testing increases management focus on underage legislation and improves staff performance 
3. Serve Legal test report analysis recommends specific action to take 
4. Improved compliance reduces the risk of large fines and restriction of trade 
Find out what our clients think about working with Serve Legal here.  
Audit areas include: 
Mystery shopping 
Customer service and experience 
Queue management 
Product availability and price checks 
Product code and date checks 
Point of sale and promotional compliance 
Home delivery checks 
Digital media and sports broadcasting compliance 
Legal notice and licence compliance 
We have developed a UK & Ireland-wide community of highly trained auditors, supported by a network of area managers. All audit work is carried out thoroughly and to a very high standard. Reports are checked closely, and can be accessed in real time and emailed specifically to a personalised distribution group. 
Want to know what young people think about your business or brand? 
Serve Legal auditors are predominantly aged 18-25. This hard-to-reach group of young adult consumers is highly prized for consumer and retail research purposes. As such, we provide young-focused companies and brands with access to this community for mystery shopping, market research and focus group services.  
If so, email info@servelegal.co.uk or call us on 020 7091 1080 for a quote. 
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