Age Verification Test Purchasing

A simple, effective test to ensure staff are following Think 21/Challenge 25 policies to prevent underage sales of age-restricted products.

Serve Legal have been carrying out test purchase audits of age-restricted products since 2006. In that time, the range of products that we have bespoke auditing procedures for and the sectors that we operate within has increased hugely.

What do we test:

Where do we test:

Serve Legal's engaged auditor community of over two thousand 16 to 19 year olds means we are able to carry out audits all across the UK & Republic of Ireland. Each Area Manager within the Operations team selects suitable work for each auditor to carry out, within a specified timeframe, building rapport with their network of auditors to allow the business to adapt quickly to short-notice requests from clients. We are a certified Youth Friendly Employer and are committed to developing the young people in our community.

✓ If the auditor is required to provide official ID to complete the transaction, the site PASSES
✗ If the auditor purchases the items without showing ID, the site FAILS.

Within 24 hours of visiting a site, the auditor completes their report. Within 48 hours, the report is thoroughly checked and sent automatically to the named client contact(s). Clients can monitor their overall performance via live dashboard technology and access benchmarking data to compare their performance with the average for their sector.

Why businesses use our test purchase service: