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Meet the retailers leading the way with their compliance successes!

At Serve Legal, we take pride in helping our clients achieve remarkable progress in age verification and compliance ratings across various sectors. Here are some of our standout success stories:

Supermarket Age Verification Compliance

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Over the course of two years of testing, we witnessed a remarkable 33% increase in age verification compliance within supermarket chains. Through our rigorous auditing processes and tailored solutions, supermarkets have significantly enhanced their ability to verify the age of customers purchasing age-restricted products.

Client Manager, Matt, said: 'This retailer has made impressive strides in changing the cultures around responsible retailing within their home delivery operation. They efficiently used learnings and best practice from their store compliance success to support staff in their home delivery fleet. Using the data insight gained from their audit programme, they pro-actively targeted areas of higher risk and successfully improved compliance in one of the more challenging environments for age verification.'

Evening Venue Allergen Compliance

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In the span of 12 months, evening venues experienced an impressive 43% increase in alcohol compliance. Through proactive auditing and comprehensive training programs, we helped these venues enhance their processes and protocols, resulting in improved adherence to alcohol licensing laws.

Client Manager, Ali, said: 'Noticing an issue with how staff were treating allergen management, this client partnered with Serve Legal to administer a nationwide programme of Customer Experience Allergen Audits. They have seen massive improvements in this area in a short space of time, and continue to grow with us.'

Knife Compliance

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Within a span of two years, one of our clients experienced an increase in knife compliance from 83% to 89%. Through our comprehensive auditing and consultancy services, we helped identify areas for improvement and implement effective measures to ensure compliance with knife sales regulations.

Client Manager, Ali, comments: 'Keen to focus on knives following changes to the Offensive Weapons Act, this client has pushed compliance standards ever higher in a challenging retail landscape. Through their partnership with Serve Legal, they are committed to improvement in this area and continue to do great work in ensuring that restricted items are not falling into the hands of minors.'

Alcohol Age Verification Compliance

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One of our clients saw a significant improvement in alcohol age verification compliance, increasing from 81% to an impressive 94% over six years. Our ongoing partnership and tailored strategies have enabled this client to consistently uphold strict age verification standards, fostering a safer environment for alcohol sales.

Client Manager, Ali, said: 'While 81% is generally considered a positive pass rate, this particular client has driven standards higher and higher through working with Serve Legal. Consistently now one of our highest performers, this client has implemented clear and effective internal procedures regarding age verification, with Serve Legal at the centre of these.'

Craft Store Bladed Articles Compliance

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Within just three months of a trial program, one of our craft store clients saw a notable 10% increase in compliance with bladed articles regulations. 

Client Manager, Ella, comments: 'It is great to see a huge improvement in compliance after just a 3 month trial of working with Serve Legal. This retailer has identified their key risk areas and worked hard to reduce them. Together we have been very impressed with their results and as a result they are now on a full programme with us, continuing to ensure their Challenge 25 policy is adhered to across their wide range of age restricted products.'

Gambling Age Verification Compliance

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Over seven years, we observed a notable 58% increase in age verification compliance within the gambling sector. Through targeted audits and continuous improvement initiatives, our clients have achieved significant progress in verifying the age of individuals engaging in gambling activities.

Client Manager, Ali, noted: 'This client came to us after noticing an issue with their age verification enforcement across their estate. Through working with Serve Legal, they have massively improved their performance and are now performing at a very high level. The insight provided by our audits has been key to their success, and underscores the effectiveness of a partnership with Serve Legal and how this can drive success.'

Success Stories 2024-7

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