Who We Are

In early 2006, Ed Heaver and Julian Sargeson were alcohol retailers with a problem. The local authority had decided one of their sites was consistently serving underage people.

Wave after wave of local authority 'stings' resulted in them losing a licence. A conservative estimate put their loss of sales at £25,000 per week.

Unfortunately, Ed and Julian had no way of fighting back. They wanted to check their staff, measure the site performance and demonstrate to the authority they were taking the issue seriously. They couldn't find a company providing a cost-effective service, so they decided to do it themselves.

And so, Serve Legal was born...

The business has since grown to become the market leading provider of compliance auditing services in the UK & Ireland, and a leading voice in the conversations around age-verification and food allergy policy.

We conduct around 18,000 audits per month, delivering for a highly-valued service for clients across the retail & hospitality sectors.

With a database of over 4,000 highly engaged, closely managed auditors, Serve Legal provide accurate reporting with 100% completion for sites all across the UK & Ireland - nowhere is too remote. Bespoke auditing programmes can be designed around business needs and adapted as required. 

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