Online Retailer Forum (31/03/22) - Summary 
Serve Legal recently hosted representatives from 12 different businesses involved in online retail of groceries to discuss the newly emerged issue of age-verification compliance at the point of delivery. 
Auditor Guest Blog: The World of Work - 08/02/22 
On announcement of the first lockdown, I knew that I wanted to make the most of the additional time away from face-to-face learning for my A Levels. I was searching around for various flexible jobs, at which point my friend had just signed up for Serve Legal and recommend me. Little did I know that it would be the start to developing a range of skills and countless hours exploring the UK & beyond. 
How should retailers adapt to face covering mandates? - 23/12/21 
From stock issues to staff shortages to home delivery slots, retailers have adapted to several issues across the last 18 months. With face coverings being made mandatory again in most indoor public places in England this month, as was already the case in the rest of the UK, we have reflected on what this means for businesses required to enforce these rules, alongside age-verification laws, and how these pressures can be managed. 
Serve Legal Market Report: Retail tech advances expose risk of underage sales - 02/12/21 
No time to shop? Need groceries delivered in the next 30 minutes? Using the internet or an app for grocery or takeaway deliveries to your door in minutes has exploded during COVID-19. But this tech-enabled convenience is exposing retailers to risk around underage sales. 
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