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500 new jobs for 18-19 year olds as online retail booms!

Young people are among the worst-affected by the Covid pandemic’s economic downturn and youth unemployment is rising. But Serve Legal has good news. We’re going into 2021 looking for 500 smart, self-motivated 18 and 19 year olds to join us as auditors. Our auditors play a vital role in helping retailers across the UK and Ireland prevent underage sales.

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Diet Pills - teenagers are being sold pills without proof of age

In May this year, the BBC‘s Watchdog programme aired the findings of an investigation it ran into sales of diet pills on the high street. The show’s producers sent a 17 year old actor into well-known retailers and chemists where she tried to buy diet pills. In 17 out of 18 stores visited, the teenager was sold diet pills without staff asking for age identification.

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Serve Legal's Bookmaker Client Forum

Yesterday, we welcomed bookmakers from across the UK to the Serve Legal Bookmakers’ Forum at the Association of British Bookmakers’ London headquarters. We’ve been working with the gambling industry for ten years, supporting bookmaker compliance with legal and license obligations and helping them enforce responsible gambling policies. Our Forum provides a great opportunity to share market insight, discuss industry challenges and opportunities and find new ways to help and support our bookmaker clients.

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