Online sales have boomed during the pandemic, but retailer age checks have failed to keep pace. Our data shows that doorstep ID checks fell from 72% in March 2020 to 60% in December 2020. Online retail will be a major focus for our business in 2021. We complete 100,000+ audits a year, and the results provide valuable data to help retailers trade responsibly.

What does being an auditor involve?

Auditors shop for age-restricted products like alcohol, tobacco and knives, then report back on their experience. Whether at a store checkout, self-serve till, on an app or website, or during a home delivery, young-looking people should always be asked to show proof of age. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Retailers come to us, wanting to know when they’re getting it wrong.

It’s interesting, varied, flexible work that fits around education, apprenticeship or other employment. Auditors get to travel all over their local and surrounding areas, sometimes further afield, and some auditing is done from home. Read some of our auditors’ experiences in our other blog articles below.

Alerts are sent regularly, flagging new local opportunities, so auditors can take on as much work as they want. We have new services too, like customer experience auditing for people with food allergies.

Pay and training

Serve Legal is recognised as a Youth-Friendly Employer by Youth Employment UK. We pay per audit completed, which is calculated to be in line with the Real Living Wage, and full induction and training are provided. Our network of area managers provide support, mentoring, motivation, and admin help - many of them used to be auditors too.


For some auditors, Serve Legal is their first experience of working life. Others progress to management positions within the company or use their experience to help get their first full-time job or to develop in their chosen career.

We look forward to welcoming a new cohort of auditors to Serve Legal in 2021.

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