We are looking for individuals who are...

  • Aged 16 to 20 for age verification audits
  • Aged 20+ for wider compliance audits
  • Dedicated and reliable
  • Detail-focused
  • Self-motivated
  • Wanting to explore their local area

What you need in order to apply...

  • A photo of your primary form of ID
  • Evidence of Right To Work - this could be a UK or Irish passport or birth certificate, plus visa/settled status details required for the country you are applying from
  • A recent, date-stamped selfie (so we know you look young enough for our age-verification work)
  • A smartphone (so you can download our app and WhatsApp which we predominately use to communicate with auditors)
  • To be willing to geotag your location whilst out doing audits (so we know you went to the right place!)

Why work for us?

The Role

We are recruiting compliance auditors to perform audits to a range of sites across the England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. These audits can be to supermarkets, bars and betting shops and the Serve Legal employee is required to visit these sites and report back on a specific compliance issue.

This is a part-time, flexible role, which is ideal to fit in and around other work or studies. Jobs are allocated and paid on a per audit basis. Auditors are offered work and it is expected that they will let their Area Manager know if they are not available for work. There is no obligation to complete work every week, but once work is accepted, it is expected that it will be completed by the deadline given.

Talented Serve Legal auditors have gone on to management and directoral positions within the organisation. Some are employed to accompany new auditors while training. Others start or continue in Further or Higher Education, and many go on to pursue successful careers elsewhere. Serve Legal's growth into wider non-age-related services means we can now extend opportunities for older auditors and provide a longer career progression path.