Serve Legal CEO Inspires Next Generation of Entrepreneurs at Wimbledon College

Serve Legal's CEO, Ed Heaver, recently delivered an inspiring talk to Sixth Form Students at Wimbledon College. Ed was able to meet with Year 12 Business, Economics and Sociology students to provide them with valuable perspectives on the world of entrepreneurship. From co-founding Serve Legal in 2006 to leading a successful and growing team as CEO, his talk aimed to resonate with the 16- and 17-year-old students, offering them a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship and the possibilities it holds for their future careers.PHOTO-2024-01-29-14-31-31 (2)

During the presentation, Ed shared success stories of young and accomplished entrepreneurs in the broader business industry, from the likes of Gym Shark and Pretty Little Thing, to Dragon’s Den and the Sidemen. By highlighting these examples, he aimed to inspire the students, demonstrating that age is not a barrier to entrepreneurial success. These examples helped to connect the theoretical concepts that students are learning in their studies with practical applications and real-world success stories.

Ed engaged with the students by encouraging questions and addressing their queries about the entrepreneurial journey. Students had the opportunity to inquire about the challenges of starting a business, the associated risks, funding strategies for a startup, and the process of turning an idea into a successful venture

.PHOTO-2024-01-29-14-31-31 (1)Ed Heaver – ‘At Serve Legal we are passionate about growing and developing the next generation of workers and entrepreneurs. This week’s talk was an inspiring opportunity to engage with the young minds of Wimbledon College and extend Serve Legal's commitment to fostering relationships with the next generation of entrepreneurs.’

Since giving the presentation, Ed has had the opportunity to connect with a number of the students on LinkedIn in hopes to stay connected and follow their entrepreneurial journeys. We wish the students all the best in their continued studies and careers.