Matt Eastwood, Commercial Manager at Serve Legal says “As the UK's leading ID testing company, Serve Legal are established as an essential retailer service, performing over 150,000 audits a year to help many convenience and supermarket retailers to protect their business and reputation from the risk to underage sales. We enable responsible retailers to pro-actively check their staff are asking young customers for ID and avoid the risk of potential large fines, costly trading restrictions and reputational damage. This is an approach supported by local authorities and is successfully used to check all in-store and home delivery age restricted services. We are delighted to be partnering with the C-Store Collective and offering an essential service at very competitive prices for independent retailers and retail groups.

Mike Igoe and John Heagney, 2 of the 3 founding partners of the C-Store Collective have both worked with Serve Legal in the past, John when head of Nisa Symbol group and Mike when at Heron Foods and Jacksons Food Group. Mike says “Ensuring due diligence via test purchases can save costly fines and license challenges from local authorities. It is a main stay of any managed group but often overlooked by independent retailers. Certainly, any multi-site operator should have a programme of test purchasing in place and having successfully worked with Serve Legal it was an obvious choice for us to partner with them”.

C-Store Collective are a panel of industry-leading consultants and associates, who can provide expert knowledge of every aspect of convenience store operation to help increase your profits. We will work with C-Store Collective clients to help them accurately and effectively measure compliance within their stores or at the doorstep (in relation to delivery services), to help identify and fix risks to their business relating to underage sales and age verification.

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