Protecting Retail Revenue

Recent reports reveal a startling rise in shoplifting incidents across Britain, with small shopkeepers bearing the brunt of the surge. According to the Association of Convenience Stores, thefts skyrocketed to £5.6 million in 2023, a drastic increase from £1.1 million the previous year.

At Serve Legal, we are aware that revenue protection extends beyond shoplifting and retailers need to ensure their staff are mindful of this risk in a number of ways. Our Revenue Protection Audits now extend to date checking fresh and frozen produce, identifying concealed items, monitoring self-scan till compliance and testing staff compliance at manned tills.

Incidents of theft highlight the pressing need for robust security measures and vigilant oversight to safeguard against revenue loss. Serve Legal's Revenue Protection Audits offer a proactive solution, empowering retailers to identify vulnerabilities and implement effective strategies to mitigate theft risks.

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