Serve Legal Foundation: Welcoming the 2024 Candidate


This article highlights the Serve Legal Foundation's 2024 candidate selection process, showcasing the foundation's mission, the role of the candidate, and the opportunities it presents. It also outlines the remarkable impact of the foundation through the testimony of its 2023 recipient. The Serve Legal Foundation, established in 2023, offers financial support and two-year job security, creating a comprehensive pathway for academic and professional success. Prospective candidates will find valuable information on application requirements and key dates, making this a must-read for those seeking financial and career support in higher education.

The Serve Legal Foundation is delighted to announce the opening for its 2024 candidate. We are seeking a passionate and dedicated individual who is part of the internal or wider Serve Legal team, to offer both financial educational support and a secure job offer. In this article, we will recap and explore the mission of the Serve Legal Foundation, the 2024 candidate, the opportunities that lie ahead, and how you can apply.

The Serve Legal Foundation

We are now accepting applications for our 2024 candidate, and we are looking for a dedicated and passionate member from our Serve Legal auditors or internal staff team to become the 2024 recipient.

The Serve Legal Foundation, launched in 2023, has been established to provide financial rewards to support our community in enhancing their future education and work experience. This support may include assistance towards a Master's Degree, exam costs, or other training programs. Please note that it cannot be used toward a 3-year undergraduate degree. The selected recipient will receive a financial bursary to support their further studies with the agreement that they will work for Serve Legal full-time for a minimum of two years following the successful completion of their course.

Hear from our 2023 Recipient

"The Serve Legal Foundation's support has been invaluable as I have begun my postgraduate education this year. With limited financial options for postgraduate students, I faced the challenge of making just £1,500 of my student loan to cover rent, bills, and living expenses after tuition fees were taken. The Serve Legal Foundation's assistance relieved a significant financial burden, enabling me to pursue my Master's in Gender Studies without the pressure of working multiple part-time jobs alongside my course. I've long aspired to pursue a Master's in Gender Studies and feel incredibly grateful that this has been recognised by Serve Legal, despite my academic interests differing from my professional goals. I am honoured to have a 2-year full-time placement with the Serve Legal team after my 2024 graduation. This monetary and career security is allowing me to dedicate myself to my current studies and enjoy this last year of University before I enter the working world – free of financial or employability stress." – Catriona Jolley

For a comprehensive overview of the Serve Legal Foundation, launched in 2023, please read our dedicated article

The Benefits

The Serve Legal 2024 Foundation Scholarship offers a prestigious opportunity that brings numerous advantages to ambitious students dedicated to advancing their higher education. Our program is designed to provide invaluable support and resources to recipients, ensuring they can fully devote themselves to their academic pursuits without the burden of financial concerns.

Our scholarship encompasses various benefits, including substantial financial assistance tailored to help cover tuition fees or living expenses, and other critical academic costs. This comprehensive financial support allows our scholarship recipients to navigate their educational journey with confidence, knowing that their financial needs are supported.

Our commitment extends beyond financial aid; as a scholarship recipient, you will gain access to a unique and advantageous employment opportunity. Upon successfully completing your studies, you will have the assurance of a contracted role with Serve Legal for a minimum duration of two years. This post-graduation placement offers peace of mind, eliminating the need for rigorous job searching and interview preparation. Instead, you can seamlessly transition into your professional career, providing a stable foundation for your future.

The Serve Legal 2024 Foundation Scholarship aims to provide not only financial support but also a comprehensive pathway toward academic and professional success. We believe in investing in your future, empowering you to focus on your education and enter the corporate world with confidence and preparedness.

How to Apply

Visit the vacancy page on our website to apply: apply here.

On this page, you will find detailed information about the Talent Sponsorship and the PDF form for the application. The application will require each candidate to complete an essay of up to 2000-words. This should consist of (up to) 1,000-words on any topic related to Serve Legal, such as working for Serve Legal, Serve Legal as a business, Serve Legal as a brand, or Serve Legal improvements. Candidates must then write (up to) 1,000 words on why they want the grant – this may explain what they intend to study with the support and what they hope to gain from the grant. This is where we want to see your passion shine through.

Completed application forms must be emailed to by Wednesday, January 31st, 2023. The applications will be reviewed by the Senior Management Team. The successful candidate will be contacted by April/May, and the award will be granted at the end of June. An agreement will be put in place before payment outlining a timeline for joining Serve Legal full-time and a commitment of a minimum of 2 years of full-time employment with us.

Comments from our Team

Sales and Marketing Director, Jenni Garratt: "It is wonderful to hear, already, of the success of our 2023 recipient, Catriona, as she has begun her postgraduate studies. We are so proud to offer this opportunity to members of our internal staff and wider auditor team and really believe we will see some incredible careers arise from the support that Serve Legal are offering through this Foundation. We welcome any and all applicants for our 2024 scholarship, and I can't wait to personally read through your stories!"