Serve Legal's 'Stress Awareness Month' Challenge

During April’s Stress Awareness Month the Serve Legal team took on two challenges, both with the aim of encouraging staff and auditors to spend some time walking outdoors and raise money for company charity, Young Minds.

Walking Challenge-4How did the staff get on?

With 39 members of staff taking part, the Serve Legal team challenged themselves to (virtually) walk the coastal route of the UK and Ireland, including each little UK island. With over 11,000 miles as our target, we had a vast challenge ahead of us! Despite not making the full distance, we almost managed to walk the coast of Great Britain with only a number of miles to spare at the end.

After 3,834 miles and 7.6 million steps, we managed to raise over £250 for Young Minds through staff and company contributions! By no means a wasted effort!

How did the auditors get on?

Our auditors are offered 10p per mile they walk, cycle, scooter, skateboard etc when completing their audits – a brilliant scheme comprised by the Serve Legal team to encourage auditors to step away from using cars and think greener!

For April’s challenge, we challenged our auditor community of over 4,000 auditors to see who could best utilise this scheme and travel the farthest in April. Our winner was Hakeem having walked 115 miles, across audits alone, in the month of April. To celebrate, we have offered £50 of bonuses to our auditors and a further £50 donation to Young Minds!

Well done all!