I was looking for a job that would allow me to my keep social hours, time for rest and family, as well as pushing me to meet deadlines and manage my own work schedule. Serve Legal offers a one of a kind ‘self-employed’ feel that gives you freedom to work to your own limits whilst receiving 24/7 support and guidance from your area manager. From the first week I was given the opportunity to explore my local county, seeing new areas and getting new experiences. During times when I was preparing for university or on holiday, there was no shame in asking for time off; equally, when I had a few days spare there was always an abundance of work to keep me busy!

Besides flexibility, Serve Legal also prioritise the work of their employees with regular pay incentives and fun challenges. The Facebook community group is filled with helpful advice, as well as games/challenges such as sporting predictions or funny food competitions, with bonuses for the winners. The core team at Serve Legal make sure your work is always worth your time – travel expenses are covered for drivers and public transport, and they also aim to promote environmentally friendly transport with a cycling expenses scheme.

Most astoundingly, I have found I have been able to earn up to £20 an hour from work in my local area! As a result of this, I have been able to buy myself a laptop for university and save the spare money for my future aspirations. Aside from the great pay, this type of employment has very rarely seemed to be a ‘job’ and much more of an experience. Since moving across the country to university, work is still available and I now have the same opportunities in a new area of the country, once again allowing me to explore with travel costs paid for and my salary on top.

My employment with Serve Legal over the last few months has grown my independence and time management, my confidence in driving to new areas, my communication skills with employers and shop workers along with generously contributing ever to my savings as a young student. I would wholeheartedly endorse Serve Legal and all they stand for, to anyone who is looking to develop their CV.