Ordering home deliveries, visiting pubs, buying doughnuts from the bakery and even betting on Manchester United to win the Champions League... One can dream! Carrying out audits has developed my time management skills and ability to work independently. Not many other jobs available to young people encourage the development of these skills. The wide range of work also exposed me to the dangers businesses face and how Serve Legal ensures they stay protected.

After 18 months of carrying out audits I was fortunate enough to be offered a role as an Assistant Co-ordinator (AC). Before I knew it I was assigning audits, co-ordinating shifts, approving reports and meeting important deadlines. I was suddenly responsible for obtaining real data for real clients. Big clients. Though this is still true for auditors, as an AC it began to feel more real. With two years of university still to complete I had some experience in management and understood the importance of client relationships.

One aspect of working for Serve Legal which I valued was the flexibility. As a university student, my timetable was changing, assignments and exams were stressful, I was often travelling between my flat and my parents’ house and I also wanted to have a social life. Serve Legal allowed me to do everything I needed/wanted to do whilst being able to work.

I am now working as a Trainee Data Analyst in the banking sector, a role I had my eye on towards the end of my degree. I wouldn’t have been prepared for such a position if it wasn’t for the skills I developed during my time at Serve Legal. Proving my reliability and having the ability to work independently impressed my current employer. These two skills were significantly developed during my time as both an AC and an auditor, as I had to manage my own time and meet important deadlines without a manager looking over my shoulder.

Collaboration was one of the key soft skills that my current employer was ‘looking for’ during my interview process. The interview for my current role was actually hosted by a group of people from different divisions. Serve Legal developed my ability to collaborate with various people in a range of divisions - which helped me ace the interview and land my dream job!

Above all, it was the people that made working at Serve Legal an absolute pleasure. I have never worked with such a fun, supportive and genuinely kind group of people. Though I worked remotely, I was always made to feel like a part of the Serve Legal family. I will always be grateful for that.