Working for Serve Legal helped me by providing a part time job that I could do when I wanted alongside university. It is a great job for a student for many reasons, but a key one for me was that I would be paid to do online food shops, providing they contained age-restricted products. This was very useful this summer in lockdown, where I completed online shopping audits in the lead up to my 20th birthday. Not only did I manage to earn some money while everything else was shut down, but I could do so in a way that was safe when it was not advisable to go out regularly.

I signed up at 19 as I had been busy trying to get to grips with university in my first year, but I managed to do a lot in just one year of age restricted audits. I have bought some interesting products on my audits, my favourite being some sparklers just in time for Bonfire Night. I also experienced placing a bet for the first time and though it won’t exactly be a new hobby, it was a good way to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone. Another benefit was travelling around my local area to do visits, heading to places I live close to but had never explored. This also meant the job got me outside and talking to people.

Auditing is a really flexible job which is especially useful when travelling between home & term time accommodation: there’s an area manager for every region so you can continue working wherever you are rather than being restricted to one site. With Serve Legal I completed audits in both London and the South East, whereas I could only pick up shifts at my part time job back home in the holidays.

It is a great start to a young person’s career and I highly recommend it. I only wish I’d applied sooner!