AUDITOR STORIES: I Only Wish I Would Have Started Sooner

I joined Serve Legal aged 19 in the summer before my second year of university; I only wish I’d started sooner! My role as a compliance auditor fitted perfectly around my studies and my other part time job. I was able to pick up audits around the university campus, around the location of my other job, around my home and on the routes to and from all of these places.

Serve legal was an easy way for me to make some extra money at university. Not only that but the plethora of free things I got was amazing! My personal favourites were the alcohol (that made me very popular among people at uni) and the supermarket click and collects. I mean who doesn’t want a free weeks’ worth of shopping! It’s helped me so much through university with the additional cash and groceries. I would recommend Serve Legal auditing to all university students, in fact to all young people. The transferable skills, flexibility and goodies you get make it unlike any other job, so make the most of ID audits before you turn 20! Even after I’ve turned 20 there’s still many opportunities for me, which is helping me in my final years of university to get by. Again these audits are flexible and allow me to gain groceries and other things for free. 

Serve legal aims to do such important work to make people safer. Their ethos and reasonings really align with my personal beliefs which is another reason I was compelled to join. Allergen compliance audits are becoming particularly more important due to recent news stories. It makes me proud to know I have the opportunity to help this cause, ultimately helping others and their health in the long run. 

I’m so glad I signed up to Serve Legal, the support I’ve received from area managers has been exceptional. It really is a job like no other!

Auditor: Stella Oversby – 2023