The jobs Serve Legal has to offer allowed me the chance to work flexibly around my degree and have a choice over when and where I work. The team at Serve Legal offer amazing support and encouragement with audits and are available most of the time to give guidance if there are any queries about a job.

Working with Serve Legal alongside going to university meant that I was able to earn whilst still prioritising my studies and social life. Through money I made doing audits, I managed to save enough to go skiing with my friends for the first time. As well as this, I saved a huge amount of money on weekly grocery shops (plus a fair bit of alcohol!)

The only thing I wish was different about my time with Serve Legal is that I started earlier, as there are also many opportunities for young adults between the ages of 16-17 to get involved with other types of audits. That being said, having started at 18 it has allowed me to gain excellent experience with self-management and communication skills, amongst other transferable skills for my future.

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, audits were limited due to many shops and bars being closed and delivery services only being available for the vulnerable. I got added to a very active Facebook group called the Serve Legal Community where area managers made weekly challenges and activities for prizes, allowing auditors to stay active and have something to look forward to during the pandemic. There were weekly photo challenges (I won £10 for making a comical Covid-19 mask) as well as activity evenings like online pub quizzes and FIFA tournaments. These were great things to get involved with as not only did it occupy some free time, but I got to make some good friends in the process.

I am so extremely grateful for my time with Serve Legal for giving me so many great opportunities and I really look forward to seeing what they have to offer in the future. If anyone is thinking about joining, I one thousand percent would recommend it, you won’t regret it.