Summer Side Hustles for Students

Summer is the perfect time for students to explore flexible job opportunities that can provide both income and valuable experience. One standout option is working as a mystery shopper for Serve Legal, a leading compliance auditing company in the UK and Ireland. Here's why this could be your ideal summer side hustle:
  • Flexible and Student-Friendly

    Serve Legal offers work that is specifically tailored to fit around a student’s schedule. Their primary roles are designed for 18-19-year-olds, but also offer work for over 20s, making it easy to balance work with studying or enjoying your summer break. With the flexibility to choose when you want work assigned, you can work as much or as little as you like.
  • Competitive Pay and Covered Expenses

    Serve Legal provides competitive rates of pay, which is a significant advantage for students looking to earn extra money over the summer. Additionally, the company covers mileage and public transport expenses, ensuring that your earnings aren’t diminished by travel costs. This makes it easier to take on assignments in different locations, allowing you to explore new areas.
  • Extensive Opportunities Across the UK and Ireland

    With a wide range of work available across the UK and Ireland, Serve Legal provides ample opportunities for students no matter where they are based. This can be especially beneficial for university students who may be moving to a new city or town. One of our student auditors shared, “Serve Legal is great for Uni students who are moving to a new area; it’s a great way to get around and get to know a place better.”
  • Easy and Enjoyable Work

    Mystery shopping with Serve Legal involves conducting compliance audits, such as verifying age checks at retail outlets, evening venues, bars and shops. The tasks are straightforward and can often be completed quickly, leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy other summer activities. As one student noted, “The role is flexible and the work is easy—ideal for a university student.”
  • Easy Sign-up

    Getting started with Serve Legal is simple. All you need is a form of ID and your National Insurance number or right to work documents. This minimal barrier to entry means you can quickly begin earning and gaining experience.
  • Career Advancement

    Serve Legal also offers potential for growth. Many of our talented auditors have advanced into management positions within the organisation, providing a pathway for those interested in building a career in the compliance or corporate sector.
  • Explore and Learn

    Working as a mystery shopper allows you to visit various retail locations, giving you insights into different businesses and customer service practices. It’s a unique way to learn about the retail industry and develop skills that can be beneficial in any career.

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For students looking to make the most of their summer, working with Serve Legal offers a blend of flexibility, good pay, and valuable experience. It's an ideal side hustle that fits seamlessly with a student lifestyle, providing both financial benefits and opportunities for personal growth. Visit (become an auditor page) to learn more and apply for this exciting opportunity.