Auditor Stories: The Start of an Incredible Journey

As a first-year university student living away from home for the first time, one thing that was obviously on my mind was being able to find work that wouldn’t massively damage my studies, or strip me of a social life. When I heard about Serve Legal, I honestly couldn’t believe that a company that paid you to shop was real, but a few payslips later it is clearly very real!

Although flexibility is obviously a big bonus, working for Serve Legal includes so many other rewards that have made working here so special. My personal favourite is that auditing pushes you to go outside and see new places. I had just moved to Edinburgh at the time and I have since seen more of it than some of my friends who have been here forever! I’ve been to new and genuinely beautiful areas, I’ve had some new experiences (like placing a bet!), and I’ve become a lot more familiar with my surroundings. There is actually a big shopping centre about 10 minutes away from my flat and I had no idea it was there before I had an audit there - now it’s the only place my flatmates and I shop. Auditing provides a great chance to get some exercise in the form of walking or cycling; not only is it a way to get from one audit to another but you actually get paid for it!

During exam weeks or when I’ve just got a lot going on, I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to working. Another truly special thing about Serve Legal is the home delivery audits, which are perfect for times like these. Your payment is literally delivered to your door - whether it’s a full meal or your weekly groceries. The Facebook challenges and activities are another fun way to try and get a little bit of cash as well as stay engaged with the community. Not having to work if you have exams or just aren’t feeling up to it that week is the crucial fact that truly solidified my interest in Serve Legal. The importance of that flexibility cannot be understated. I’ve worked with a variety of different managers in different areas of Serve Legal and without fail every single one of them has been so understanding and accommodating in any situation I’ve been in.

The thing that definitely draws a lot of people in is the free alcohol. I’m not really a big drinker, so I saved essentially every single can and bottle I acquired throughout my auditing experience. After building up this massive collection, I managed to throw a birthday party in which not a single person (including me!) had to bring/buy alcohol - which was quite a nice break from constant spending. Although I’m not a big drinker I do love a sweet treat so it is always a good day for me when I audit a shop with a bakery.

Serve Legal has helped me to build a lot of marketable skills in a work environment that I truly believe no other company has. Although it is only my first year of Uni and my first year working for them, I am excited to see where it goes.

Auditor: Abigail Bilsland – 2023