I joined aged 17, which meant I was limited in the range of work available, but I didn’t let it put me off. I made the most of this, mainly concentrating on online test purchases checking that digital age-verification worked. In-store audits were limited but came with additional opportunities. This included collaborative working with other auditors on accompanied audits which I found beneficial sharing knowledge and tips in a range of areas including communication. This gave me a confidence boost and I knew that I wanted to give out my knowledge which led to me being a Serve Legal representative in The Power of Youth Week 2020. Serve Legal being a Youth Friendly employer was a plus point for working for the company, always supporting me, and being understanding of my other commitments.

A wider range of work became available turning 18. Being independent whilst auditing, adaptability, time management and problem-solving skills were paramount for me to quickly learn the new age restricted work I could complete. Not being constrained in where I could work gave me the freedom me to get a range of travel in. In 2021, I was lucky enough to travel from London to the Isle of Wight multiple times, and even flew to Jersey and Guernsey ensuring compliance over there. Subtle differences in legislation I had to take in helped me grow my eye for detail. It wasn’t just age restricted work I completed. With the risk of allergen ingestion, I visited restaurants posing as an allergen sufferer, checking whether businesses could provide correct comprehensive information about the food they were serving.

My journey with Serve Legal has provided me with a variety of rewarding experiences and I am grateful for the transferable hard and soft skills I have developed as an auditor. Serve Legal has given me a firm grounding to the world of work, and I am positive it will place me in good stead for my future employability.

Written by Henry, a West Sussex-based auditor.