The Best Student Side Hustle: A Dive into Mystery Shopping with Serve Legal


In recent years being a student is even more costly, where student loans loom large and living costs continue to rise, many students in the UK are turning to side hustles to ease financial burdens and gain valuable experience. There are many diverse opportunities to make some extra cash without commiting to a full time job. One example of a flexible job that students can do is mystery shopping, with companies like Serve Legal offering a unique way for students to earn money while also helping to keeping companies compliant. Have a scroll through this article to find out more!


Earn cash whilst studying by getting involved in side hustles!

The rise of the gig economy has opened up numerous avenues for students seeking part-time work. Take a look below to find some example of work that you can get involved with!


  • Delivery Services - Working for a food delivery company such as Deliveroo, JustEat or Uber Eats be a good student job, especially if you get some free food! It is worth remembering that for jobs like this, you often need a mode of transport, ideally a car but you can use a moped or a bicycle as well. If you are doing this on a self employed basis you’ll have to do yearly self-assessments and ensure you pay tax on your earnings.
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  • Freelancing - Freelancing takes many forms, as a student this could be selling your lecture notes or transcribing audio to text. This is a viable option and there are many different options to consider. You must ensure your employed by a reputable company for this to ensure you adhere to correct academic practice and copyright laws. Find further information here.
  • Tutoring - Tutoring can be a good money maker whilst your studying. If you have knowledge in a popular subject you can start tutoring others. Rates can vary and workload could be based on times of the year/availability of the person your tutoring. 

However, among these, mystery shopping stands out as an attractive option, particularly for those who enjoy flexibility and variety in their work.


Mystery Shopping: A Closer Look at Serve Legal

Serve Legal is a leading provider of age verification and compliance services in the UK. We work with various industries, including retail, hospitality, leisure, and entertainment, helping clients ensure compliance with legal age restrictions and other regulations. Mystery shopping forms a significant part of their operations, where individuals, often students, are tasked with visiting establishments and assessing their adherence to specific guidelines.


How It Works:

Untitled - 2024-02-28T150208.497Students interested in becoming mystery shoppers with Serve Legal can sign up through our website, via a quick and easy application form. Once registered, you will receive audits based on their location, availability, and demographic profile. These audits typically involve visiting pubs, bars, cinemas, or shops, and assessing whether staff are following age verification procedures correctly or complying with other regulatory requirements (this could be checking your ID, ensuring customers are confident in the allergy safety of the venue, or wider customer experience related issues). Predominantly work is offered to 18-19 year olds but there is plenty of work available for over 20s too.


Benefits for Students: 

Participating in mystery shopping with Serve Legal offers several benefits for students.

  1. It provides a reliable source of income that can fit around academic or personal commitments.
  2. Students can choose when and where they work, making it an ideal option for those with irregular schedules. 
  3. Great rates of pay offered, including bonuses, giveaway and additional competitions for hard work.
  4. Develop your confidence, independence and transferable skills.
  5. Explore new places with travel expenses paid for.
  6. Serve Legal is an accredited as a Youth Friendly Employer!
  7. Keep the items you buy on audits, including free meals at restaurants, days at the races and cinema tickets.

Untitled - 2024-02-28T150433.130Mystery shopping offers valuable insights into various industries, helping students develop critical thinking, observation, and communication skills. This role also provides an opportunity to contribute to improving compliance standards; making a positive impact on society.


As students navigate the complexities of university life, finding a suitable side hustle can be instrumental in achieving financial stability and gaining valuable experience. Mystery shopping, particularly with companies like Serve Legal, offers a unique opportunity for students to earn money, develop skills, and contribute to improving industry standards. With the right mindset and approach, students can turn their side hustle into a fulfilling and rewarding endeavour.